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Carter Center Will Observe Georgia’s 2022 Risk-Limiting Audit

ATLANTA — Following accreditation by the Georgia secretary of state’s office, The Carter Center will observe the risk-limiting audit of the results of Georgia’s Nov. 8 secretary of state race.

The Center, which also observed the risk-limiting audit in 2020, will deploy about 50 observers to county audit boards throughout the state beginning Nov. 17 to watch the auditing process. As an independent, nonpartisan organization, The Carter Center’s role is to document key processes and procedures, noting what worked well and what could be improved. It will release its findings and recommendations in a public report. (The report from the 2020 audit is available here.)

Risk-limiting audits help confirm that the winners of an electoral contest did in fact receive the most votes. The exercise, which is open to the public, reinforces transparency in the electoral system. These statistically based audits are considered an election best practice, and Georgia is one of several states across the U.S. performing such an audit this election cycle.

The Carter Center’s observation of the risk-limiting audit is separate from its observation of Fulton County’s election, which is being carried out at the request of the state-appointed Performance Review Board and the Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections.

Note: To learn more about election audits and how they work, tune into the Carter Center’s Facebook page on Thursday, Nov. 17, at 1 p.m. to watch “Election Bites,” the Center’s series of short conversations about important election issues, which this week is devoted to post-election audits.


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