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Carter Center Interns Reflect on Their Experiences

This summer, 32 interns completed Carter Center internships in a hybrid form. Some interns were based in Atlanta for the summer while others were completely remote. There was a wide variety of diverse and impressive talent within this group. Catch a glimpse below into the lives of a few of our interns.

Fabrizio Montisci holds a Jimmy Carter for President button.

Fabrizio Montisci

Program: Conflict Resolution, Sudan
University: International student from Italy at Colgate University
Major(s): Political science and peace and conflict studies
Interests: Baking and biking around Milan

Q: What was an obstacle you overcame during this internship?
A: After working remotely for two months, I decided to finish my internship in Atlanta. I was afraid I wouldn’t fit in, but everyone at The Carter Center was really friendly, kind, and supportive.

Swezen Kizito

Swezen Kizito

Program: Programs Development
University: University of Georgia
Major(s): Master of Public Health in health policy and management
Interests: Soccer, cooking, and traveling

Q: What did you learn about yourself during this internship process?
A: I learned how my course work in global health, policy, and management has several applications to the research, writing, and management processes needed to support global health programs. Additionally, I learned soft skills in balancing time and priorities amongst different projects.

Shanze Sadiq

Shanze Sadiq

Program: Mental Health Program
University: Emory University
Major(s): Sociology
Interests: Painting and desserts

Q: What was it like completing the internship in person?
A: I really appreciated that I got to interact with people outside of those I directly work with, which might not have been the case if I was working remotely. It’s nice to come into the office because you feel more connected to the work you’re doing and the people you work with.

Lydia El-Sayegh

Lydia El-Sayegh

Program: Trachoma Control Program
University: Georgia Tech
Major(s): Biomedical engineering
Interests: Podcasts and Piedmont Park

Q: What would you tell a future intern?
A: This internship has been one of the best experiences I’ve had for learning. I’d encourage future interns to ask lots of questions when they’re curious or confused. The team is always willing to give and support your growth.

Camila Giraldez at Plains High School

Camila Giraldez

Program: Rule of Law
University: Emory University
Major(s): International Studies and History
Interests: Watching movies and picnicking

Q: What was the most rewarding part of your internship experience?
A: Staff lunch days were the best because I got to sit with other interns and staff members and hear about what’s going on in opposite corners of the world.

Jacob Steel at an Oval Office replica.

Jacob Steel

Program: Democracy
University: Carnegie Mellon University
Major(s): Master of Public Policy and Management
Interests: Baseball and guitar

Q: How is this internship different from the ones you've previously had?
A: The global impact here at The Carter Center is unmatched. The staff here is very down to earth, and they take care of you throughout your time here as an intern. Also, the U.S. Democracy team is new, so being able to help navigate the domestic complexities has been a great learning experience.

Guyline Malala works on a laptop.

Guyline Malala

Program: Human Rights
University: University of North Georgia
Major(s): Political science and international affairs
Interests: Working out and traveling

Q: What was your favorite part of this internship?
A: I learned so much during this internship, especially about issues going on in India. I wasn’t sure if I could research before this experience, but after working on the India project and researching social media there, I know I can.

Alexa Mohsenzadeh headshot

Alexa Mohsenzadeh

Program: Educational Programs
University: Emory University
Major(s): Neuroscience and behavioral biology and ethics
Interests: Making art with friends and playing percussion

Q: What project were you most proud to be a part of?
A: My favorite project that I worked on for the summer term was hosting the Story Circles event for all the interns and graduate assistants. I think it gave us an opportunity to form deeper connections with each other beyond the work we’ve done at The Carter Center, and it was a great way to wrap up the second half of the internship.

Sebastian Williams stands in a product aisle

Sebastian Williams

Program: Conflict Resolution, data analysis team
University: Princeton University
Major(s): Linguistics
Interests: Reading and playing mahjong

Q: Who is someone who inspires you at The Carter Center?
A: My fellow intern Daria Farman-Farmaian inspires me because of her humor, her kindness, and her dedication to her work. She continues to inspire with laughs and her commitment to peace.

Rithi Mulgaonker

Rithi Mulgaonker

Program: Principal Gifts, Development
University: Emory University
Major(s): Master of Public Health concentrating in health policy and management
Interests: Trying new boba and reading

Q: What is the number one thing you learned during this internship?
A: I’ve been familiar with development work in the past, but with the Carter Center development team I was able to learn about and work directly with health program teams like trachoma and Guinea worm. I was able to grow my skillset using development software.

Lela Boys-Sibley standing in front of the Carter Presidential Center

Lela Boys-Sibley

Program: Communications
University: Indiana University
Major(s): Journalism and political science
Interests: Thrift shopping and Indiana sports teams

Q: Who is a mentor you gained from this internship?
A: My supervisor was an excellent mentor. She was amazing about teaching me how to complete tasks rather than just assigning them. I hope if I am in a mentor position, I can show the same grace and kindness she showed me.

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